Meet Emma Ellice-Flint

Qualified Nutritionist, Nutritional Therapist and Chef

Meet Emma Ellice-Flint
Meet Emma
My Qualifications

I am a qualified nutritionist, nutritional therapist and experienced cook  – I hold a bachelor’s degree in Nutritional Medicine. You can trust in my work and feel confident that you’ve found the right person. I will guide you through your own nutritional journey, from plate to vitality.

My Approach

I use evidence-based nutrition advice, constantly learning through professional education and research. With over 20 years cooking and nutrition experience, I combine a scientific approach with a real understanding of food. Often I’m described as ‘a woman’s Jamie Oliver with nutrition science thrown in‘! You can expect meals that are easy to prepare, taste fantastic and are rich with nutritional benefit.

My Practice

The Nutrition Clinic, at the Newson Health Menopause And Wellbeing Centre based in Stratford-Upon-Avon, England. A move in 2019 to the UK for me from Australia. This is primarily where I offer personalised nutrition consults and programmes, with a focus on female wellbeing, intolerances and gut health. Having raised a family while working and transitioned from perimenopause to menopause, I understand the struggles that you might face maintaining a healthy lifestyle. I’m here to support you through your food healing.

My Cookbooks

The Happy Hormone Cookbook, is all about encouraging women to feel balanced through eating delicious wholesome food, with a focus on hormone balance – menstruation, perimenopause and menopause. An exciting brand new series of cookbooks in ebook format, is being launched really soon. My passion is to bring healthy recipes to life in an interactive ebook style with a particular topic such as Eating For Bone Health and How To Eat Whole Foods 

My Workshops and Retreats

Regular food workshops in the UK, bring to life my message for nourishing your body through nutritious food. With a focus on eating for female hormone balance and gut health, these workshops really bring to life that eating well can be both healing and delicious.

Throughout the year I’m invited to retreats to talk about my absolute passion – foods for female hormone balance and gut health – and often at the retreats, to bring that knowledge to life, I also give cooking demonstrations; Since aromas, textures, tastes, as well as the healing benefits of food, are so very important too.

My Passion and E-Cookbooks

I believe good nutrition is a way of life, a belief in the power of food and its ability to heal, from plate to vitality! Help me to share this excitement with one of the new Emma’s Vitality Series of e-cookbooks – all about what to eat for vitality, gut health, hormone balance and weight balance with inspiring recipes and videos.

Where science, research and practical experience combine

Bachelor Health Science Degree (Nutrition)
Advanced Diploma Nutritional Medicine
Diploma of Nutrition
HND Hotel Catering And Institutional Management
Australian Traditional Medicine Society
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