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We eat with our hands, we learn by using our hands

Learn Nutrition, Learn to take control

‘Tell me, and I forget.
Show me, and I remember.
Involve me and I understand.’
~ Benjamin Franklin

Saturday 15th February 2020

Fermented Foods Masterclass

A hands on fermented foods cooking class in Stratford-Upon-Avon

Why bother eating fermented foods, let alone making them yourself?

Fermented foods contain beneficial probiotics/good bacteria, as well as prebiotic foods and phytonutrients for those bacteria to thrive on.

By making them yourself you know that those fermented foods are alive. Unlike some shop bought fermented foods may not have live probiotics in them. Plus making them yourself is better value and really fun!

More recently science has found links between fermented food consumption, the health of the large intestine and mental health. Good news 😊

I see the results my clinic from people eating fermented foods, prebiotics and probiotics, as well as all the fabulous phytonutrients that go with a whole food way of eating.
Not only do people feel more energetic and vital, they often say how improved their mood has become “from gloomy to flourishing!”

Come join me at this small hands on class where we’ll taste and make fermented foods.

Learn to make your own fermented foods

“messy, fun and so important to overall health!”

Saturday 23rd November 2019

Healing Foods For Gut And Mood Balance

A cooking demonstration in Stratford-Upon-Avon

Perhaps you woke up one morning wondering where the person you used to be had gone? She used to have plenty of energy, had an upbeat outlook on life, a healthy weight and felt refreshed when she woke up?

There is an ever increasing awareness that what we feed our bodies affects not only our gut and weight balance, but also mood.

“What we feed our bodies is important and the gut-brain connection is so worthwhile learning about.”

In clinic I see women who are dealing with gut and hormonal issues. I have written many nutritious recipes in response to their needs, conditions and requests, including a cookbook dedicated to eating for female hormone balance, called The Happy Hormone Cookbook.

I’ve found that simple changes to what you eat can have big effects.

Come join me for a cooking demonstration, with plenty of food to sample, and learn about ways to feed your gut and balance your body and mood.

Watch me make healthy dishes and taste them too!

“delicious easy recipes to learn to make”

Attend a weekend away full of nourishing food
Meet Emma at one of her Wellness Retreat Weekends

Weekends are organised in the UK and Europe to watch and hear Emma talk about her passion for healthy healing food, learn to cook with her, and eat the nourishing delicious dishes made.


For Emma’s Womens Wellness Retreat in Tuscany – June 2020 and other Retreats Emma is presenting at, please click through for more information here.

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