Food secrets for a balanced life.

Cookbooks by Emma Ellice-Flint, plus coming soon new e-cookbooks


Rediscover that vital woman in you with the Happy Hormone Cookbook.

The Happy Hormone Cookbook shows you how to use food to revive that person. Inspiring you to heal yourself through wholesome nutritious food, as well as other wisdoms for a balanced life.

There are over 80 easy to prepare whole food recipes, all based nourishing and balancing your body.
Most recipes are gluten free, processed sugar free, with diary as optional choices.
A whole chapter dedicated to helping you to feel more balanced, explaining why, and suggesting lifestyle ways to achieve this.
Packed full of creative vegetarian recipes, as well as seafood and meat, you will have so much to choose from for breakfast, lunch, snacks, dinner and deserts.


Loving yourself from the inside out

A cookbook helping you understand the health benefits of bone broth, how to easily make it, and plenty of delicious recipes to inspire you to eat and drink it. All recipes are gluten free.

Nourish and nurture your health

You can sip bone broth by the cup or discover new ways to incorporate it in your cooking with delicious and nutritious recipes for soups, noodle, lentil, and rice dishes. The Bone Broth Bible has everything you need to start enjoying the benefits of this health and comfort food at home.

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