Consultations with Emma Ellice-Flint

one-to-one consultations with Emma

All About You
Do you feel any of the below?
  • Do you get bloated in the tummy?

  • Are you constipated or seem to go to the bathroom too often?

  • Do you get cramps in the tummy area?

  • Are you socialising less?

  • Is your confidence changing?

  • Struggle to jump out of bed in the morning?

  • Feel like you’re living but not alive?

  • Your brain’s not sparking like it used to?

  • Feeling a bit flat or have a low mood?

  • Bothered by your weight gain?

My signature consults are there for you.

Designed by me to guide you to achieve greater health and energy, a balanced weight, improved sleep quality, a more engaged life. Gaining the desire to be more active, with less emotional ups and downs, and clearer thoughts.
Your motivation might be:
  • Extra energy

  • Perhaps a more upbeat mood or less feelings of anxiety

  • Improved sleep

  • Fewer menstrual symptoms

  • Transitioning into menopause

  • Weight balance

  • What to eat to become ready for conception and what to eat whilst pregnant

  • Recovery from child birth

One-To-One Consults

We meet for a one-to-one consultation.

The clinic is based at Newson Health in Stratford-Upon-Avon, England.

Sarah F, Balgowlah

The most valuable components for me were the sessions with Emma and the great nutritional advice and yummy easy recipes. I’ve dropped the weight and the centimetres I wanted and I feel a lot more energetic.

One-on-One Consultations
A little hand to help you experience the best health possible

If you want some help to sort out a health issue or just check in with yourself that you’re eating in the best and most optimal way for your body, then book in for a consult. “I teach people to learn how to use food to heal themselves, unique to them and their capabilities and wants”.


The clinic is based at Newson Health in Stratford-Upon-Avon, England.


  • Book in for an initial one hour One To One Consult with Emma
  • Follow up consults are usually a 30 minute One To One with Emma
Alison B, Freshwater

Emma, can’t thank you enough for your encouragement from our last visit. My legs are changing shape quite dramatically for the better. I am feeling much more energised even in a week.

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