Consultations with Emma Ellice-Flint

one-to-one consultations with Emma

All About You
  • Do you get bloated in the tummy?

  • Are you constipated or seem to go to the bathroom too often?

  • Do you get cramps in the tummy area?

  • Do you think you have an intolerance or reaction to particular foods?

  • Do you have headaches, skin rashes, feel irritable and have an upset stomach or get bloating after eating?

  • Struggle to jump out of bed in the morning?

  • Feel like you’re living but not alive?

  • Your brain’s not sparking like it used to?

  • Feeling a bit flat or have a low mood?

  • Bothered by your weight gain?

My consults are there for you.

Designed by me to guide you to achieve greater health and energy, a balanced weight, improved sleep quality, a more engaged life. Gaining the desire to be more active, with less emotional ups and downs, and clearer thoughts.
Your motivation might be:
  • Extra energy

  • Perhaps a more upbeat mood or less feelings of anxiety

  • Improved sleep

  • Fewer gut symptoms

  • Transitioning from Perimenopause into Menopause

  • Weight balance

  • What to eat when you want to follow a whole foods balanced food plan

  • Understanding a Low Histamine Diet for Histamine Intolerance

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