Meet Emma Ellice-Flint

Qualified Nutritionist, Nutritional Therapist and experienced Chef – but above all, Emma creates food to heal.

Qualified Nutritionist
For more than 10 years

Emma has trained with the most prestigious nutrition institutions and done post graduate courses with leaders in their field at top universities, to be able to offer the best advice and most evidenced-based, researched advice.

Experienced Chef
Over 20 years experience

Emma understands food and the way it’s smell, taste and texture can affect you. She has a deep knowledge of food and it’s healing properties to help bring about the changes you want.

Nutritional Therapist
Helping women cope with change

Not just what you eat and drink, your emotions, environment and lifestyle are all part of who you are.  Emma understands this and works through this with you, to make the difference in your life.

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I love helping women embrace change

Through evidenced-based nutrition and delicious meals women can embrace their health

Receive one-to-one expert nutritional advice

Our body and our emotions can be a direct result of the food we eat. I will help you understand what you need to eat in order to feel the best you can.

Emma's Vitality Series ebooks
Learn what to eat and why

Emma’s Vitality Series is a new series of ebooks with plenty of inspiring recipes and videos, created to help you achieve balance and reach your health goals.

Classes and Online Workshops
Attend an event to understand nutrition

My events that will help you understand nutrition, what your body needs and how to correctly feed your body. The events will also show you how to cook delicious meals.

I’ve been able to combine 20 years experience as a chef with my knowledge as a nutritionist to create a book that will help women embrace their body during a season of change.


Are you ready to embrace change?

And take control of your body, emotions and wellbeing?

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